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Sofya Benzakour, influencer and designer!

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Sofya benzakour pays homage to her moroccan origins through her brand bahaar by using all her inspiration both on the designs as on the choice of fabrics.interview with sofya benzakour, designer & influencer:i studied architecture and at the same time, i launched a fashion blog called the colour of the moment. and little by little, i entered this world of fashion that fascinated me. i decided to become an influencer, to devote myself full time to this profession and, at the same time, to launch my ready-to-wear brand. so, my brand is different because of its dna, inspired by my moroccan origins.it also stands out due to our ambition to put forward this ancestral, recognised craft. moroccan handicraft is known for its diversity. its savoir-faire is very diverse in a wide range of fields, whether that be pottery, textiles, leather goods.a backless dress with its little details, its little stripes that are reminiscent of morocco, but in a subtle way.it is also a beach dress that can be worn both in toulouse, as in ibiza or mykonos. there is a real desire to be anchored in a mediterranean style. we try to balance things, minimalist things with small pieces that will fit in anyone's wardrobe. a little crop top with small puffed sleeves that you can wear with jeans. but there is also the blouse with an embroidery worked with colours that come from the city of fez.bahaar is an inspiration to travel, to meet, to discover, to be more outgoing.and so, i hope it ressembles me.