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R-Evolution Style - Nathalie Blanc, the top of the range glasses, made in France

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Nathalie blanc, the top of the range glassesher power: being an optician before being a designerher style : audacious and sophisticated“simplicity is harder to design”her mantra: made in francewhat does made in france mean?a manifesto to defend?do organic glasses exist?interview with nathalie blanc, glasses designer:i fought a lot for made in france, which is not always clear:there are price constraints, there were 200 factories 50 years ago, and there are still 12.all my products are made in france.it’s also machines that are at the limit of their goldsmithery,with lots of steps done by hand, which makes productsmore beautiful and elegant than with chinese manufacture.i think that we should not let go of these last factories that remain.we must defend them, and the way to defend them is to tell people to buy french products!you take glasses made in china and glasses made in france.it’s day and night. the materials are very beautiful.the shaping is very beautiful.voilà, it’s the been the optical birthplace for three or four centuries, and this savoir-faire that happens from father to son or daughter, if we lose it, it takes three generations to recover that savoir-faire.so we can’t let it go, we need to keep it. it needs to be protected.i made glasses our of algae, it’s algae recycling, etc.we have a few algae models in our collection.the worry, is that for the moment,it’s a material that still moves a lot, so it is deformed.it’s not yet totally completed, but it exists.really, i try to put it on a regular basis in my collections.