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R-Evolution - Made in France - The Youyou clogs, at the heart of the trend

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The youyou clogs,at the heart of the trendsubtitles/ text: new fashion fad:clogsin all colours,for all outfits,even in the citycharlotte durand had a great intuitionin buying youyou clogscharlotte runs her business alone,calling on friends and freelancers,to create eco-sustainable clogsbut how?1. with french wood2. handmade3. by using sustainable leather interview with charlotte durand : maybe we want a more bohemian life,something lighter, it's very poetic, a clog, i think.youyou clogs, are a story that began in 1803 in the port of les sables d'olonne.a gentleman, whose name was you, set up his own clog factory."maison youyou" was written on the port of les sables d'olonne.in our childhood memories,it is an object that is very important.i bought the brand in january 2019and i started the website in february of last year,15 days before lockdown. it wasn't the right time,but i figured it couldn't get any worse.i have been looking for a long time which wood to use.finally, i decided on a lime wood to have a light clog.lime wood is very beautiful, because it is very clear.it can be sanded to infinity, like an old piece of furnitureto make a clog like this, we need 42 nails, and we do 14 a day.so it's not a machine that sets the nails,they are placed one by one with a hammer.i chose three tanneries that are are all eco-responsible.the vegetarian tannery, in which we tanwith pigments that are made from bark,from leaves,full of natural materials.i left my life in paris to put together this story of clogs,frankly, for two years, i haven't worn another pair of shoes.