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R-Evolution - Made in France, a societal revolution!

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Made in france, a societal revolution!more than a trend, it is an awareness generated by the consumer, who wants to consume locally, and eco-responsibly.slow fashion establishes itself.relocation, a new economic concern.the tricolor collective promotes french wool.the collective aims to reach 24% of french production by 2024.on the catwalks, promotion of artisanal work, for more meaning and value.2,200 textile companies in france.14 billion euros in turnover.61,910 jobs.for young designers and start upslocally produced, in evidencewithout stockon demandrecycled materials.beauty is also involved with environmentally respectful products in a local distribution channel.voted in by the new refreshers generation.bruno jourd’huigeneral manager of the boinet housetoday, with all the eco responsible and ethical trends, people want to consume organically. they also want to consume local products.pierre colinmarketing and communications director of parabootwhen we speak about paraboot in general, we speak about a shoe that is indestructible. behind this, we know that we will have a product with all the desired and required qualities, that will last.luc lesénécalceo of saint jamesthe jumper i’m wearing is 100% french, 100% french wool and it will only be sold for 20% more, so it’s a real challenge.sidney toledanoceo of lvmh fashion groupto work closer. we rediscover nearby artisans. it is practically a must. it is a base that will be common to many people.maria grazia chiuricreative director of christian dior's women's and haute couture linesso we have to remember that behind the brand, there are a lot of people, there is a longer supply chain and we have to support them.christophe jossecouturier and founder of the christophe josse housetomorrow’s fashion will install itself perhaps in another time, with a dominant place given to craftsmanship, beautiful materials, respect and at the requirement for beauty. finally, we are not very far from the precepts of haute couture.louis gabriel nouchidesigner and founder of lg nouchiwe all try to be more eco-responsible in the sourcing of materials, notably linen, which, since it is a material produced mainly in france, or northern europe and we are a french brand, it is readily available.maisie williamsactressi hope that this is really going to push the fashion industry in the right direction, to a place which is more sustainable.