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R-Evolution - Style : the bestselling jewellery of Persée, recounted by its founder Nawal Laoui

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Between the two lockdowns in france, nawal laoui welcomed us into her parisian apartment where she has settled in with some of her team to be able to continue to develop her jewellery line persée. she agreed to talk with us about her three well-known bestsellers, which now sell worldwide.nawal does a great deal of sourcing to find the right ethical manufacturers, while seeking to democratise jewellery. her last innovation, a piercing bar, has just opened at galeries lafayette on the champs elysées.interview with nawal laoui, founder and designer of persée paris.a brand is a story and a designer who is inspired by their own story. i am of moroccan origin. i really like art. my first collection was about fibulas. these are safety pins, that women in north africa wore to tie up their dresses. they are ultimately a circle and a line, which seems trivial, but we saw them in a specific light, and they were instantly a bestseller.matisse that drew, he had a muse called nadia, a mediterranean woman, and he painted her face with a fine line, without putting hair on her.it’s true that in the end, it was an abstract face. we made this in a different way, replacing the eyes with diamonds, then emeralds. each time, the face changed with the colour of the stone we used.the technique of the pierced diamond was about agility: how to remove material from the diamond? by removing the setting. you therefore have a stone which is pierced with a laser and therefore which floats.that’s what creates this interesting vibe and the uniqueness of jewellery.the act is done on the spot with a piercer who pierces at their discretion, the ear of the client, and therefore the idea, is to create their own ear and to pierce it directly with gold or diamond.music - copyright-free - mindplay - instrumental version by roza artlist