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Antonio Marras: Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in Milan (with interview)

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Designer: antonio marrasinspiration: a small village on a mediterranean island and the beauty of a house called “domus de jana”. a tribute to the women on this island who are mainly seamstresses. the collection is particularly dedicated to one of them, maria lai.collection: sensual silhouettes, embroidered suits and jackets with cuts and patches. patterned jumpers that open on the shoulder. a mix of cultures for a precious wardrobe. the clothes are hybrid and asymmetrical. work on materials with creased effects and knit adorned with embroidery and sequins. a mixed wardrobe that highlights the craftsmanship and the work of little hands. each piece is decorated with couture details and ornaments. we find cotton threads hanging on the clothes and sticking to the cheekbones of the models. interview with antonio marras:it’s really a tribute to maria lai who was an incredible artist and who introduced me to the world of art and took me by the hand and said, “ok! we’re going to start to be artists!” and i began like that. it’s really a tribute to her work and to the time we met. it’s the meeting of different cultures, it’s the london culture from the 80s, london calling, it’s really dead or alive, you spin me round… and also the sardinian culture which is completely the opposite and that’s what interests me; mixing, creating contrasts, finding different solutions. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)