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Fendi: Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show in Milan (with interviews)

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Creative director: silvia venturini fendiinspiration: behind the scenes, the designer reveals that she was inspired by a french film from 1975 called “mistress”, by barbet shroeder, with the actress bulle ogier who plays a dominatrix dressed by karl lagerfeld.collection: a boudoir spirit for a new contemporary elegance at fendi, around a wardrobe that plays on duality, between softness and strength, between rigor and sensuality of lines. the waist is highlighted by a belt or by gathers. the skirts are flared or tightly fitted to reveal the curves of these irresistible women. new volumes as tops with puffed sleeves return as a leitmotiv. the colour palette is both soft and deep, with a very dominant powder pink offset by a harsher flannel grey. an inclusive casting with luscious, young and older women. the designer unveils a bourgeoise woman in a leather jumpsuit, a tight mohair dress, or an accordion skirt.paisley and animal prints of a new kind bring this duality between a wild and aristocratic side. the evening leaves place for lace outfits and cut-outs in the shape of a keyhole in the back. pearl fringe embroidery completes this sophisticated winter wardrobe.to note: the work on increasingly technical and innovative materials such as leather mixed with neoprene and quilted effects on the fabric.on the accessories side, the garters, headbands which support the hair buns, the iconic baguette bag revisited for winter as well as the leather shopping bag and many phone accessories. with interviews: silvia venturini fendi:i wanted to speak about femininity today and i started with the codes that have defined femininity for decades, so from things a little more common like pinks that we have always associated as the colour of women, or lace, lingerie, the boudoir spirit, opposed to a sense of what is a connotation of femininity today, so the grey flannel, the jackets that are a bit more executive, the biker leather, because today femininity has many different facets. i like real fashion, i really like to see it, not these museum models, so my idea was to have women who represent generations of women and also different body types.serge brunschwig:it’s the feminine power with her weapons, so there is no need to disguise yourself as a man to have strength and seduction, but also a kind of self-confidence that is nice to see. music from the show (to use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)