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The bum-bag and the mini-bag: the new favourite accessories for men.

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This is not new, men are almost as fond of bags as women. henceforth, the city-dwellers carefully choose the models that accompany them for the whole day, between work, sport and evenings.kim jones at dior men understood this very well since he put together a multitude of accessories, starting with the flagship models in nylon for this winter.and dior leads us to two favourites for men, which gives a crazy look. let’s start with the bum-bag, it is already very popular, but we like how the designers revisit it every season. we can keep the sports aspect, but in this case, with details and in colour. they are also offered in leather, with an elegant strap, or made up of several small purses, and we also dare to wear them at the front with asymmetrical shoulders. you get it, we have not finished talking about bum-bags. the other accessory in sight: the mini-bag. it is successful with women but is also popular amongst men. it can be chosen with shoulder straps, long enough to wear along the body, or like a clutch in the hands, it’s an essential to have style. all the big brands have their own creations, which appeal to men as much as women, who are ready to steal the men’s bags.interview with kim jones (voice only):we’ve done the saddle with nylon and we’ve done the cannage in nylon, which is one of the key things from monsieur dior’s archive and the heritage of the house.