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Area - Womens Spring/Summer 2020 collection in New York (with interview)

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Designers and founders: beckett fogg and piotrek panszczykinspiration: rhinestone curtains for a collection full of precious details. a way for the new york duo to celebrate at the same time a couture spirit and a certain kitsch glamour, both of which are successful. the items are multiple and the creativity is overflowing. collection: from the first appearance the tone is given, the suits and bodies are adorned with golden chains, with the acronym ‘’area’’. these jewels are added like make-up, coming to accessorise the outfit until becoming a garment, like trousers finising in jewellery. the fringes of fabrics come to accompany new volumes, explosive colours and cocoon dresses to the balenciaga 1950/60 era. to note: a cast of women with different body shapes, elegant evening dresses.interview :piotrek panszczyk : i think for us mostly it’s about craft, it’s about really creating pieces that come from the heart, really pushing ourselves and our team further and really kind of developing things that can write history, things that matter. we really feel that the market is so oversaturated, there are so many clothes in the world so we want to do things that people will remember, that will give you joy in the world and make people happy, it’s really about so many different things.beckett fogg : i think it’s really about creating someting new especially this season and when we approached the crystal we wanted to push it in ways that nobody had ever done before. so we actually worked with the fabricator. it was 3d lasor cut, it was baked, the crystal was actually baked onto the cage dresses and then it was fabricated specially in a 3d mold so it’s really techniques that haven’t been tried before and that’s what this season was really about.piotrek panszczyk : we love researching. you could find us in a library constantly. for us, couture is such a huge part of what we do so a lot of shapes that you see are balenciaga obviously but also a lot of dior from the 50s. we really started looking at this perfect lady.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).