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Giambattista Valli - Haute Couture autumn/winter 2019/20 show in Paris (with interview)

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Dressmaker: giambattista valliplace: salons in the shangri-la hotel in pariscollection: 30 looks put on display to show the expertise of the ateliers and the work on the materials. nature is at the heart of the italian designer’s inspiration through many drapes, ruches, prints, thousands of layers of tulle, organza and chiffon. the colours illuminate this collection, a true ode to parisian elegance, a city at the heart of the designer.a clientele always attracted by these voluminous ball gowns, with ruffles or pleats but at the same time, impressions of lightness. focus: on a ball gown with a bustier embroidered with rose petals, a mini cocktail dress knotted in silk taffetas and maxi dresses in coloured tulle.with interview from giambattista valli. it was a retrospective path, at first, with this atelier idea through the mirrored box, through the white lab coat and one of the house models. and this dna of the house was shown through big tulle dresses, tulle petticoats. there was a real atelier feel to it, ribbons, knots etc… and then little by little in the little black room, where there is all this magical cutting, this sleek and refined silhouette. we hear, in the first part, the sound of scissors cutting, the embroidered flowers cut from the fabric as if they were paper flowers.another part is the part with the gardens, this obsession that i have with gardens. i am obsessed with gardens and they go well with women.and then we go to the part where there are these birds, these extreme silhouettes in volumes of tulle but an absolute lightness just like some birds.i’m kind of the curator of myself. i wanted to be in the moment of introspection, to enjoy those moments of luxury. to be able to sit down and have that extraordinary conversation with myself and my ateliers. and support this extraordinary art which is haute couture art, true haute couture.show music (only use in the context of the show, covered by the right to information)