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Pigalle Paris - Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 show in Paris

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Designer: stéphane ashpoolinspiration: coming to a pigalle show is always interesting for the atmosphere and the energy that emerges, as well as the location, which is always original. see you this time on the roofs of a renault garage which is difficult to access, but once you get up there, what a view! all of paris can be seen, also transcribed on the show’s stage, in a photo of a futuristic vision, with innovative buildings blending into the landscape...collection: it is divided into three parts. firstly, we see men wearing silver helmets on their heads, walking slowly, gazing at each other, like aliens arriving on earth. they are dressed in loose silk pants, light nylon jackets, knitted joggers, all of which are in cream or powder pink tones. they confront a group of dancers, wearing soft colourful silk suits. during the last part, a group of young people opt for loose jeans, patchwork jackets or batik jackets.note: the collaborations with nike + the designer who comes to greet the audience wearing a mask + the reception with a cocktail bar and a barbecue. show music (only to be used in context of the show, covered by the right to information)