Jacques Solovière celebrate their fifth birthday with the calligrapher, Nicolas Ouchenir.

These shoes are totally unique. They were created by the designer Alexia Aubert, and are named after her grandfather, Jacques Solovière. They are elegant, minimal and timeless, designed for men, adopted by women.To celebrate the brand's fifth birthday, the designer is using Nicolas Ouchenir’s calligraphy, to create a new signature and to sprinkle the shoes with song lyrics and poetic quotes.Featuring interviews with Alexia Aubert and Nicolas Ouchenir Alexia Aubert : I wanted the shoes to really complete the look. A streamlined silhouette with a Parisian allure, like a drawing. I really wanted to create a sort of hybrid which doesn’t age; something very simple and minimal, like the stroke of a pen. As a result, it’s difficult to give it a name, it’s neither a loafer, nor a derby, it’s a hybrid, a new classic. The Solovière shoe is all one piece, so it’s nearly like a folded piece of paper, like an origami. And so, with the writing on it, the fact that it has no stitching that would disrupt the lettering makes it work well as a whole.Nicolas Ouchenir :My ideas stemmed from her grandfather, thinking about her and our trips to cafés etc., about this whole atmosphere, a little cheerful and very Parisian, based on a Dandy, timeless, but also referencing someone who is going to pick up their child from school at 4pm, or a man going straight to work from the gym. They were created thinking about real life. And as you can see, “Jacques Solovière” is written on the interior of the shoe and on the boxes. I think it looks like the signature has always been there; completely timeless. Royalty-free music:Fools gold ft. Jessie Villa by Mike Arnoult Artlist

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