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Launch party for Neymar Jr x Diesel Fragrances in Paris

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A meeting in paris for the launch of the new perfume diesel spirit of the brave by neymar. jr. diesel aims high for the release of their new fragrance using the famous shape of a fist, but this time not just use any hand, they use the star footballer’s who became the co-designer and co-editor of this scent.interview with andrine stolsmo hegerberg: when i signed for psg my first question people asked: have you met neymar?interview with renzo rosso: for me neymar is an emblem, he’s an icon, he’s maybe one of the two best in the world.interview with guillaume de lesquen: neymar is above all someone who breaks the codes, who goes above and beyond the rules, who attempts incredible and impossible things and who exists doing this. and so, what interested us was neymar’s creative and design side and his ability to deliver a message to 250 million followers. and so, his style and his artistic side are mainly expressed through the way he plays, the way he dresses and above all, through his tattoos. neymar’s history is seen through his tattoos and we realise that his story which is first and foremost about success speaks to millions of people around the world. neymar comes from praia grande, next to santos in brazil and became this incredible football icon as well as a fashion, style and music icon which is why he interested us as it’s such an achievement.he has 250 million followers; you can imagine what a success it would be if every follower bought his perfume! the interesting idea was that by using an image like this one as well as a talent, we conquer new horizons such as latin america, north america and the united sates as well as big countries in asia like china, so it opens up an extremely interesting world for him as well as for us.interview with neymar jr.:i have had a lot of ups and downs in my life. i have done some great things that represent me well.i am very happy and excited to have participated with diesel on this project. they are a great company.