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Roberto Cavalli - Women's and Men's Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Show in Milan (with interviews)

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Artistic director: paul surridge collection: the cavalli dna is reinterpreted with a modern and dynamic twist, with detailed work on model’s bodies. materials flow and highlight curves. intensified femininity is seen through pleated silk dresses with thin straps and bare backs.a sartorial spirit with spencer tailcoats and high waisted trousers. the artisanal expertise is expressed through sequin-embroidered dresses.men and women model together. a masculine universe composed of suits with impeccable cuts are worn with elegant straight coats.focus on: the stylish animal print and the knit with a textured effect and cut outs allowing us to see part of the body.women wear boots with squared-tips and high heels and/or thigh boots.interview with paul surridge : it was instinctive. cavalli has always been a brand that has not been shy, its been powerful in terms of print and pattern and texture and colour. i wanted it to be vibrant, i wanted it to be modern, i wanted it to be stand out, i wanted to you know make it feel just like positive and moving forward and energetic. print has always been important but i use the idea of a modern animalier through a stylised tiger that was done with like shading and also embroidered onto small beads. you know modernisation of the codes, but it really was about creating an energy and a modern way of sensuality and a sexiness but through day and through evening and giving modern solutions really to the wardrobe.also, you know, celebrate the codes of the house which is artisan you know, patch work, leather beading but also just modern solutions, so we put a lot of it on knitwear and alternative fabrics that wasn’t just like perfume dresses and evening dresses even down to men’s polo shirts and jackets.interview with eva herzigova : it was very feminine. i loved the kind of fuchsia pleated skirt and the trousers with the jackets. there were many jackets and i think that’s great. it was beautiful with such great energy.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).