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Moncler Genius One house different voices - Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Presentation in Milan (with interviews)

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“one house, different voices”one year after his debut, moncler genius continues its evolution, welcoming 10 designers to reinterpret moncler’s identity and its famous puffa jacket with the objective to attract a new generation of customers. this season remo ruffini (ceo of moncler) strengthens his team of designers with the arrival of richard quinn and matthew williams from 1017 alyx 9sm. pierpaolo piccioli and lya kebede, craig green, simone rocha, palm angels, fragment hiroshi fujiwara, sergio zambon & leoca léoni for 2 moncler 1952, sandro mandrino for moncler grenoble enhance this experience, delivering colourful, rustic, folkloric, sporty, technical and urban products through different ambiances.an exhibition/event that takes place the old warehouses of milan’s central station open to the public.interview with remo ruffini:one house is moncler, different voices, all the kids they work with us you know, all the genius we have in this building. i think we give the possibility to talk with the customer, to talk with the public but always with the roots, with the house behind. this means at moncler, with different creativity with different ideas but in a totally different interpretation between the couture from pierpaolo going to the skateboard from palm angels, just i think was always based on our strategy all generation and here we are. i think we have a concept for all generations.our company’s long term strategy we never care about tomorrow and we feel we are in the right street and we feel that our industry must be less exclusive but more inclusive and we try to be as inclusive as we can.interview with liya kebede:pierpaolo and i are friends, and remo from moncler also we are friends so it was a kind of interesting way to put us together and pierpaolo really got us together. he wanted us to do something and give back to the community and so he wanted to you know, sort of highlight also the work that we are doing with the artisans in ethiopia. and so he got really inspired by all the colours and the way we do all our beautiful fabrics and the handicraft.