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Livy- Women's Lingerie Presentation in New York

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An event at victoria secret this morning to mark the arrival of livy. the french brand belonging to the etam group and created by lisa chavy only two years ago, has just made a grand entrance in america. a meeting with livy's founder at victoria secret’s mythical boutique on 5th avenue alongside the model sara sampaio, a vs angel and muse for livy.interview with lisa chavy:my range is created surrounding three lines, paris, new york and los angeles. from the beginning when i first created livy, i had this vision to go to the states and for my products to be worn by americans, so logically it was the next step for the brand and for where i want it to go.i’m really inspired by women of today and especially their various aspects. sometimes they want to be sexy, sometimes they want to relax and sometimes that want lingerie that completes their silhouette like for example, our bengal bra. we also make complementary jumpers that we sell alongside our bras. so, what really inspires me is women and their way of being.i like being an architect and working directly on women’s bodies, drawing lines on them and playing with optical illusion effects and my transparent tulle. it’s really important, i also play with tattoo effects as well as jewelled bras in order to reinvent the bra.interview with sara sampaio:we feel sexy, powerful, modern, elegant, strong, you know. i kind of want to secretly feel french a little bit because there is something about the french women that is just so cool and laid back and mysterious so, its, like, that’s what livy is all about i feel like to bring a little bit of the french girl. i think sensuality comes in such different forms, even to myself, some days sensuality means like putting on really sexy lingerie, sometimes sensuality to me is just being goofy and being in like boy clothes, it’s also some kind of sexiness and sensual part of like being in contact with that side of you as well, so, i think most just comes from inside.