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HED MAYNER : Men's Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Show in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: hed maynerhistory: a meeting in a school at nightfall. the designer hed mayner presents his new collection in front of an audience of already devoted fans, where everything surrounds volume and comfort. through various details such as big scarfs or sandals, we think about the origins of the israeli designer who studied in bezalal academy of arts and design in jerusalem.collection: first impressions are of silence and serenity with tones surrounding beige, camel and sand. the new hed mayner appears to have come straight out of a desert and becomes a city-dweller, with revisited trench coats doubling in volume. cape coats are enveloping, backs are pulled down, trousers are designed as wide as possible and fabrics like cotton and velvet are light and silky. note: the layers of soft fabrics that counterbalance sandals.interview with hed mayner:it was about like removing the colour and then showing the texture in a lot of the, of the fabrics and textures, but it was a lot of the texture that are just very comfortable and easy to wear and to move with.there is also texture in the collection that are coming from more traditional menswear, and the idea was to take this traditional fabrics and transform them into, like to take this classic fabric and make them look like they are coming from a different culture.i wanted this feeling, that you wear something that it doesn’t fit you or like you borrowed a piece of clothing that it doesn’t belong to your size, and just because it’s something that makes you feel suddenly very fast, it just changes your character and your appearance.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).