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Fendi: Men's Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Show in Milan (with interviews)

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Creative director and head of menswear and accessories: silvia venturini fendi inspiration: every season, silvia venturini fendi invites an artist for an exclusive collaboration, and this time it’s karl lagerfeld who is the main source of inspiration playing with duality and audacity. a subversive collection that reintroduces the suit as centre of attention for a structured silhouette.we see multiple references to karl lagerfeld surrounding black, metallic decorative elements as well as boots that the designer is very fond of.focus on: the fendi logo from archives finds a new youth on clothes and accessories. photos and letters exchanged between silvia and karl are seen printed in a collage.note: transparency, the tartan organza on the pockets of trousers. numerous zips that are placed on knitwear and on the back of a jacket. multi-coloured jackets with two types of collars (round and angular).focus on: the baguette bag for men that can be worn various ways, the reinterpreted peekaboo bag, the new flexible trunk, earrings for men, glasses chains and shopping bags with leather and fur additions.interview with silvia venturini fendi:i wanted to work on tailoring and i shyly asked karl (lagerfeld), if he wanted to be the guest artist, the guest designer of the collection and he immediately said "yes". the next day he sent me, a drawing of a silhouette on which he wrote, "it’s great for both men and women, i think we should do this". it was a jacket with a strong duality, one lapel was rounded whilst the other was pointed. dualism is not only because there are two, at fendi, there is also double f, tradition and modernity, classicism and futurism, these are things that mean a lot to us at fendi.interview with serge brunschwig (ceo at fendi):this is obviously an industry that grows extremely fast. men want to have fun, we are in a good position because we are looking for this angle. clearly, men have no barriers, they like to be fashionable and they like to wear different things, so it's great for creative brands like fendi.interview with jackson wang (singer, dancer):fendi’s attitude and vision is really, it’s really like very strong self-icon, self-symbol, and that’s why i feel like it’s very, its very similar to my goal in life, so, i’m very, you know, i’m very honoured to attend to the fendi show and becoming the spokesperson for fendi in china. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).