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The photographer Ellen von Unwerth displays her photos in La Hune’s bookshop in Paris

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The fashion photographer ellen von unwerth displays 25 pictures in la hune bookshop, for their reopening after 1 year of work. well known for her photos of sensual, happy and free women, she has always embodied a certain idea of feminism.starting her career as a model, ellen worked with guy bourdin and helmut newton before becoming one of fashion’s most iconic photographers, working with the biggest names from naomi campbell to madonna, from lady gaga to claudia schiffer. interview with ellen von unwerth:i love discovering women, i love to present them in all types of situations and to show their sensuality and “guilty pleasures”, for their pleasures, their secrets, their forbidden and hidden things, it’s the things that we hold within ourselves, but might not want to share, it’s like the idea of looking through a keyhole. what i find important about the #metoo movement is learning to respect each other, and to respect each other on both sides, to take responsibility, you must know how to behave which is very important, but at the same time for me, it’s a sensual and strong woman who assumes her desires i have always been a feminist, and i have always presented my women as strong and i think i will continue to do this.claudia schiffer, is well known especially for her pictures and these photos for guess which i took of her, but now, women are well known through instagram, it’s no longer the same. afterwards they become new stars, but it’s different, there aren’t any women who stand out from the crowd, and i don’t think we see them like we did in the 90s, when models were stars who would come out on runways, it would be electrifying. nowadays we see this less as there are less personalities, but maybe that’s what designers want so we pay more attention to the clothes.