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Fila makes its comeback!

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It all started with fendi’s catwalk during the presentation of the winter 2018/2019 collection with the merging of the fendi/fila logo produced by the artist hey reilly, creating a new wave of interest for this iconic 90s sport brand. one season later, fila begins a new era, with their show presented in milan last october. founded in italy and brought by a korean businessman in 2007, the brand who rose to fame thanks to tennis, returns in full force, noticeably rising on the recent trendy sportswear hype.vintage labels found a new lease of life and a new exposure with stars posting pictures sporting their favorite brand on social media in levis or champion, or by associating themselves with luxury brands, like puma’s new and most recent collaboration with karl lagerfeld.interview with joseph graesel & d'antonino ingrasciotta:fila is well known for only for sports, but what is new today is like we will bring like the brand to the next level, combine sportswear with fashion to create the contemporary look.the history of fila for more than over 100 years, it was founded in 1911 in biella, i think people are always searching for new stuff, and now this is the moment of fila, and we want to go out, we want to create noise and we want to show that fila is able to play the fashion game. for us it’s the most important thing to respect the fila logo, the branding, we’re going to show it in a very sophisticated way, not too big, not too small, but you always can recognise this is a fila product.it’s all in the mix to combine the technical sport materials, like for performance sports, but also for very sophisticated very good qualities that you can create a complete new look but not like, it has always to be authentic and respect the fila dna.