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Boucheron accomplished an incredible feat with its new flower rings

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The boucheron house invites you into a world of creation where dreams become reality, where jewellery comes to life and this has never been truer as for this new collection on the theme of triumphant nature. a re-occurring subject as its founder never ceased to depict plants in a way close to perfection. but this time the house has gone even further in the search to make something even more eternal. (interview)for this project the team turned to a medical scanner, the only equipment able to scan whole flowers in three dimensions to succeed in creating the most realistic prototype. the result: 500 petals scanned with delicacy and with all of their imperfections.the second stage was to meet with a petal artist who succeeded, thanks to a process that remains secret, in stabilising the petals and their colours without any chemical products. (interview)and here are nine unique rings that are hyper realistic with petals turned ornaments, worked on with precious stones and diamonds a new way to make nature everlasting. with interview of hélène poulit-duquesne (ceo of boucheron)we started to work on a dream which was to make everything that is the most short-lived in this world eternal and the best examples are real plants, so we decided to work on flowers. i think that this action really sums up what we all experience as little girls who picked flowers in the garden and put them on our fingers, we really started with this idea. to incorporate this in jewellery and immortalise it we firstly thought that we needed to encapsulate nature with all its faults, all its imperfections that ultimately make it perfect. you’ve got fixed petals, you’ve got metal and now you have to roll the petal directly onto the metal. we spent over a year researching and developing in order to find a transparent lacquer that truly resembles nature, something that stays matte, we didn’t want something shiny that completely protected the flower, and we did lots of tests, ones that you normally do for this kind of object. and now i’m going to show you the final outcome. i think this ring really encapsulates what we wanted to do in terms of context, which is almost like a flower placed on the finger.