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Lanvin : Men's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Artistic director : lucas ossendrijvercollection : a sharp collection, with many details on each silhouette, which combine luxury with a certain leisure. lightness of materials and the flexibility of the open jackets at the back, the fine, sensual knitting, juxtapositions of blouses under jackets. the volumes are extensive. the colours are strong and current. the striped shirt is long and collarless. to note : the many pockets, the poncho sweater that is worn over a shirt, the sensuality of the knitting which falls on the shoulder. the xxl bags, the net bag and the logo which appears on the accessories. interview of lucas ossendrijver :its at the basis of my work at lanvin since the start. it is how to make the clothes more special, more new. and in fact i really wanted a kind of new look, a little bit more sophisticated, less street, more chic in fact. and i started to work on the idea of contrasts, things that are very opposite.. the evening, the day, things that are hard, things that are soft, things that are flat, things that are voluminous, and also things that are reversible. its the way it is knitted, it is knitted slightly at an angle, so the volume moves around the body. and they are knitted in cotton with a mixture of metal, so they stay a little wrinkled but it is very slight. clothes that are in a slightly blurry area, that are neither formal, nor casual, neither rigid nor too slack, its in fact a mixture of very different things between evening and day. it can be put on during the evening, it can be put on during the day and it is always dressed but without being a caricature either. music from the show (for use only context of this report, under cover of the right to information)