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AZZARO is exhibited at the MAD with splendor

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A look back at fifty years of splendor with the house of azzaro, which celebrates its history through an exhibition in paris composed of 50 iconic and timeless pieces, magnified by the founder, nicknamed the couturier of the night, loris azzaro and his successors, from the sixties right up until today. interviews: maxime simoëns: this exhibition really helps to clarify the approach that loris azzaro had developed throughout his career, and it is this approach that other designers including myself, we’ve always been trying to re-work, through the collections. the glamourous, scandalous side, it was a side that i hadn’t at all work on before for my own brand so really through the brand and the world of the house, i really tried to retranslate this sexy, off-hand aspect, but never too much, it’s still at the line’s edge, so it has to remain elegant and at the same time sexy and daring. emmanuelle hutin de maintenant: it’s the first retrospective to take place in paris and in the world and in fact the idea behind the retrospective, it’s to reveal to the general public, the legacy of loris azzaro which is an extremely important heritage in the history of fashion. so we get back to the iconic pieces of the house of azzaro and also his vision of femininity because, what’s extremely modern about the house of azzaro, is the vision of the woman, this love that he had for women and how this vision of femininity remains a modern trait today. gabriel de linage: what makes the difference is the design so that’s why couture remains to be the backbone of the house, and it’s a lab of experimentation where we design collections which have to be different. music royalty free/ bandit & nikit - 2018