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The designs of Azzedine Alaïa enhanced in an exhibition held in homage in Paris. (With interview)

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Barely two months after the his passing, his partner, christophe von weyhe and his collaborator and friend, carla sozzani, have made an association in his name and decided to show an exhibition which highlights this outstanding couturier through 41 dresses suspended in light boxes, with a set designed by olivier saillard. « azzedine alaïa, je suis couturier ». – open until 10th june 2018 at the galerie azzedine alaïa, 18 rue de la verrerie, 75004 paris interview of olivier saillard:this choice of black and white clothes, was a way of making a black and white photograph in homage to azzedine. i thought that just after his passing, speaking about timelessness, eternity, it was beautiful and as he always said, in black his ideas were more graphic, intense and a lot more precise and in white they were more sculptural. i found that it was a more pure homage for this particular moment.he was apart from everything. he began in singular way, differently, whilst others went to fashion schools, he arrived from tunis in the fifties, and during 20 years, which is quite long, he had been a sort of personal couturier for anonymous or famous clients, such as arletty or garbo and it was only at the end of these twenty years that he really started to present his collections. he had this strength of independence, he dared to say “that’s enough, we don’t have to conform ourselves to the system, we don’t have to conform to everything that we’re told”. it’s a strength, a strength which sometimes isolated him, and after several years, identified him as someone like a master who thought differently.of all the terms, artistic director, designer, stylist etc. he said, i’m sorry, maybe it’s a bit old fashioned, but it was the title of couturier which he preferred. in fact, monsieur alaïa knew to master all the couture techniques, the cuts, the putting together, the sewing, the patronage, and he could master any fabric and use it to make the most sublime dress so effectively he is, strictly speaking, the greatest couturier. music bandit & nikit - 2018