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Report: The death of Hubert de Givenchy

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Monsieur hubert de givenchy died on saturday 10th march aged 91 years old. we had the pleasure of meeting him several months ago at an exhibition dedicated to him in calais in france, and where he ensured the artistic direction. he was one of the great french couturiers, who opened his own house in 1952 until leaving it in 1995. his style and elegance forever marked the world of haute couture as well as his encounters, including two major ones: christobal balenciaga whose talent guided him all his life, and audrey hepburn, who was his friend and muse. they shaped his work and his designs became eternal for someone who considered fashion to be a waking dream. (interview)interview of hubert de givenchy: i have to say that fashion is first of all a dream, but it’s, at its core, trying to do everything possible to embellish a woman, make her more attractive, even more seductive and i’m a happy man because i have done what i’ve always dreamed of doing since i was a child.music bandit & nikit - 2018