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Moschino Show- Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic director: jeremy scottinspiration: what if marilyn monroe or jackie kennedy were aliens? between conspiracy theories, fake news and urban myths, jeremy scott evokes a new elegance for moschino, with an homage to the old first lady of the united states.collection: vibrant colours for sixties style tailoring, short silhouettes, zipped with a touch on vinyl. noting the moschino spirit through the colourful comic book prints which reference ‘crazy fruit’ sweets. for eveningwear it is an ode to femininity with sheath dresses embroidered with rhinestones and sequins, draped and with lightning bolt stripes. focus on: the always well thought out accessories, the leather bags, the long leather gloves and the fascinator worn on the head. interview with jeremy scott: this season i was thinking about conspiracy theories, and in america right now it’s very prevalent, but it’s nothing new, we’ve had these conspiracy stories for a long time and one of the most enduring ones to have lasted, is that of jfk’s assassination and of marilyn monroe’s death. there are people who have said that jfk told marilyn that there were aliens and then marilyn was going to come to the public and say ‘aliens exist and there’s proof, and jfk told me’ and the government killed her and they killed him for telling her. this is a conspiracy theory that exists online, i’m not saying that it’s true, i’m saying that there are people who believe this. so then i took it one step further and i thought well what is jackie was an alien? how could someone be so perfect, so stately, so stoic? the of course with the eveningwear, i was thinking about this old hollywood, glamorous icon like marilyn monroe and this perfection that is so alien and it’s so perfect how could it be human? and then i’ve taken these silhouettes but collided them almost like an asteroid hit them from outer space and this collision of something that looks familiar and looks like a red carpet today even but then completely new in that way. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)