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Azzaro Couture: Haute Couture show Spring/Summer 2018 (with interview)

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Designer: maxime simoëns inspiration: loris azzaro, the seventies, the parties and the clubs, added to the designer’s personal touch, and bringing a sense of exoticism and escape. with a first: a man appearing in haute couture. collection: a sensual jumpsuit, with a plunging neckline opens the show, followed by short gleaming dresses, draped with fringing. the light kimono dress, the man with a rock allure with his slim trousers and fitted jacket that a girl dares to borrow from him. the materials have for the most part been created by the house, such as the light brocade or the denim jeans. to note: the multiple propositions of very alluring jumpsuits. rejuvenation – chic and rock. the boots that unfold to become thigh high, and refold to the knee. interview with: maxime simoëns:i wanted to express myself a bit more and to widen the field but at the same time, i had time to explore the history and the archives of the house. there was a 70s side of loris azzaro that i wanted to reinterpret in a slightly more exotic version, a 1920s epic through destinations such as africa and asia so it was really the mix of ethnic groups and at the same time a mix of genres. because we have a masculine wardrobe but at the same time it blends with a feminine wardrobe. we have very sophisticated pieces, very couture, more simple in attitude but in technicality we always have haute couture crafts, meaning: embroidery, fabrics like made to measure brocade, or really reprinted jacquard so it’s really all a mix of techniques always with this glimmering side because that’s still the dna of the house, this brightness. for me, haute couture cannot be the haute couture of thirty years ago, with the crinoline, the corsets, that’s passed, we don’t see those women anymore, so now she has to incarnate this youth and for me that’s the unique and only way to be able to still create couture and continue the couture spirit. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)