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A visit to Maison Chloé, from the archives to Guy Bourdin (with an interview from Judith Clark)

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A hotel particulier almost hidden in the heart of paris, where scattered over five floors are several works of art and private rooms, ready to receive and where the house of chloé founded by gaby aghion in 1952 has chosen to install its archive department, all whilst emphasising the cultural space. (interview)the visit can begin in the “chloé girls room”, where several pieces from the past designers of the house are exhibited in like an alphabet book, from karl lagerfeld to stella mccartney or clare waight keller, you can also discover solange knowles’ project with the house. (interview)and a first exhibition that emphasises the photographs of guy bourdin, issued mostly from french vogue with models clearly sporting chloé designed outfits. "femininities - guy bourdin" - exhibition until 18th november 2017, maison chloé - 28 rue de la baume, 75008 parisinterview with judith clark:the opening of this building coincides with the 65th anniversary of the house. so it marks a kind of looking back as well as a looking forward. presenting the archive, conserving the archive on the fifth floor, opening it up to visits but also questioning it and wondering where its strengths are and where the relationships have been over the years. we’ve commissioned an archive box which looks like a very modest box within the archive but in fact where solange knowles the songwriter, singer, activist that she is, has chosen words from the chloé archive and has used them as kind of samplers to a song so it shows the moment of inspiration when an archive is translated into another kind of contemporary project. why we chose guy bourdin for this first exhibition in the maison was that quite literally he was the photogropher who photographed chloé more than any other and i think this was both a kind of fact, a numerical fact, but also something that people wouldn’t necessarily expect. so i think all us through the conversations leading up to the exhibition liked this fact and element of surprise and that it cast a kind of new light on the design house but also maybe a new light on his work. music royalty free: bandit & nikit 2017