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Launchmetrics, or how fashion gets to the new era of hyper-connectivity

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Launchmetrics is the new platform, born through the merging of the american fashion gps and the french company augure and which connects all of the fashion world such as brands, buyers, the press and of course, the influencers. all offer new ways of development in order to optimize their respective influence. interview of jessica michault : we are currently working with 18,000 different brands from fendi and levis, to asos and topshop; we really do try to get the whole community. of course, we’re also working with the cfda and the british fashion council, so we’re also talking with the major movers and shakers within the industry who are changing the future of the industry. our tagline is, ‘where the industry connects’. we are really creating a way for journalists to connect to brands, and brands to connect to journalists and influencers. when i talk about influencers, i’m not talking about just the suzy bubbles or the bryanboys of the world, but really, an influencer is also suzy menkes, or maybe a journalist you’ve never heard of but who has a great following online. what augure brought to the table was this whole data and influencer-tracking which is of course getting so much play right now. the famous tipping point was when dolce & gabbana moved all these front-row stars to the second row and had bryanboy, and the satorialist and everybody on the front-row. at that point, we knew that they were influential but we didn’t know how they were influential, and we didn’t know how to monetize and track a tweet. you know, what is a tweet actually worth, what is a like actually worth, is that better than a comment, is that worth more. to kind of monetize and see how much that impacts a brand.