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Chanel Fashion Show - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017/18 (with interviews)

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Chanel tower!atmosphere: the eiffel tower recreated at the heart of the grand palais alongside a reconstruction of the garden of the champ-de-mars where the guests take their place on wrought-iron seats.karl lagerfeld received the grand vermeil medal of the city of paris by the mayor, anne hidalgo, at the end of the show, celebrating the talent of the couturier and his contribution to the cultural legacy of paris and france.collection: a wardrobe celebrating paris and the chanel ateliers. the silhouette is elongated with work on the volumes of the shoulders, and the rounded sleeves.focus on: a poncho dress, as well as tweed dresses and skirts, in straight long and short cuts.varying dimensions of length and layering.to note: matching hats, white pearl earrings, and patent thigh boots.feathered flowers, embroidered on the sleeves, pockets, and tops. an endless revision of tweed.the eye makeup similar to the paintings of delaunay, the graphic embroidery in the style of bauhaus.for eveningwear, an homage to the little black dress.interviews:tilda swinton: it’s very moving, i think. there’s something about coming into the grand palais, which is extraordinary at any time, but to stand under la tour eiffel, inside the grand palais, to watch chanel and to see karl being given this extraordinary honour by the city of paris: it’s a moment! it’s really like a nailing.bruno pavlovsky: beyond paris, it’s everything that represents paris. chanel could never be what it is without paris, without all this activity which was deployed around paris, without all of the exceptional craftsmen. this is evident in the show, all of those finishing touches, whether they be by embroiderers, feather-makers, hat-makers, boot-makers.i think that all of these activities are represented here, it’s what makes paris so special. it’s having all this craft around us, this permanent reactivity which allows art to express itself in the best possible way.the couture we’ve seen today, only karl knows how to make it, with these exceptionally chiseled silhouettes, this mixture of materials, this ability to renew oneself, these camellias made from feathers are just exceptional on the dresses. i think that this pleasure … there must be a pleasure, there must be an emotion, there must be an energy and karl establishes that admirably today.claudia schiffer: it’s amazing because he’s a genius, a living legend. actually, he should receive all of the honours that the world has to give.elsa zylberstein: amazing! i thought that the show was poetic, ethereal, very cinematic, and i think that karl deserves the title of a great artist, a great man of fashion.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, under the protection of the right to information)