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Azzaro Fashion Show - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017/18

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Designer: maxime simoënsatmosphere: at the sublime centorial building with a glass roof comprising multiple offices. the first collection by the designer maxime simoëns for the house of azzaro.collection: glamorous, chic, and sensual dresses. maxime reinterprets the recognised sophistication of loris azarro in a modern and urban way. transparency is a must, seen in the flowing cut-out lines of the dress. fringing is worn in the form of a short bustier, and rhinestones appear on sweatshirts and teddy jackets which marry perfectly with an evening gown.focus on: the house’s mythic dress which has been designed for this collection with three rings on the back rather than the front.+ the waterfall of sequins like a rain of stars on the clothing.to note: the younger, more urban touch put in place by maxime simoëns, owing to shorter dresses with straps, and even a couture puffa jacket.interview maxime simoëns:i found it interesting to be able to start the first silhouette of the show by reinterpreting precisely this mythical dress by loris azarro which is the dress with three rings, and instead, to explore it just as it was on the front, but rather making it more sexy on the back, in the style of mireille darc. all of these silhouettes play a part in this reinterpretation of codes, with the structure, the glamour, the embroidery work and the sequins. there really are the codes.i didn’t want a style of haute couture which is too overly complicated. i think we’re in an age where beauty is now also made easier, with more basic pieces. so i found it interesting to bring more casual pieces like teddies, bombers, jackets, perfectos, and give them a more urban attitude. not a "couture" attitude as we often see in the shows which is very princess-like, and was even how i used to present my shows. in this way, i found breaking these codes interesting to give it a more contemporary dimension.the feeling after a premiere is like a birth actually. we gave it our all. we tried to interpret the existing codes of the house and i have tried to mix my dna with that of azarro. i hope it worked.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, under the protection of the right to information)