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Best of Menswear: Spring/Summer Fashion Shows 2018

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(interview olivier rousteing / balmain)this is paris. the city became a key inspiration this season for the designers, as the showcased clothing celebrates the city of lights. an unconditional love for a city that loves spectacle.speaking of putting on a show, rick owens truly astounded with his scaffolding constructed in the parvise of the palais de tokyo, opposite the eiffel tower. the models began at the top, almost grazing the magnificent blue sky before descending toward the fountain.paris is also the place where the youth became the major focus. the proof lies in the university as well as the two high-schools which were used as show locations during the week. the school courtyard just about became a court of miracles, also notably found in kenzo’s spectacular staging, which included dancers exiting windows while showcasing choregraphy on the walls.as for silhouettes, in order to respond to the desire of millennials all the while showing that the future is bright, urban streetwear held centre stage.(itw lucas ossendrijver / lanvin)it must be simple and easy, comfortable and loose, and if there is just one detail to have in mind, an accessory to go with this statement, it would be trainers; the real thing, in which the wearer could launch into a sprint.(interview véronique nichanian / hermès)alternatively, choose slide-on sandals, which is no longer just a poolside shoe, but a new fashion staple in its own right, descending upon the street, and showing no sign of stopping by summer 2018.finally, nothing says youthfulness like the slogan, and designers have responded to this demand with talent and originality. by experimenting with initialling and word-play, as well as shimmering colours and lettering, slogans dared to undermine discretion. because, yes, summer 2018 will be colourful and full of hope.interview olivier rousteing: paris: it’s the beauty of france which is known all over the world. the love of culture, of discovering other cultures, but at the same time, of not forgetting our roots.interview lucas ossendrijver: clothes that are easy to wear and easy to understand, easy for daily living because life is already complicated enough.interview véronique nichanian: to run quickly, to live quickly, to live well and comfortably, and also, in a sensual way.music free of right : bandit & nikit