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Lanvin Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interview)

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Artistic director: lucas ossendrijver place: accord aréna hotel collection: the designer plays with opposites and contrasts as well as a mix & match between workwear, sportswear, and tailoringfocus on: the workwear jumpsuit, and the loose two-tone trousers. the softness of t-shirts draped on the body.to note: the zips on the bottom of the trousers and the drawstrings on the hooded jackets or shirts cut in technical and light materials.comfort is taken into account even for the prince of wales suits.+ this season’s accessories: the return of the banana as the ‘it’ motif, and a gun case transformed into a flute baginterview lucas ossendrijver: the entire process of the collection has been trying to mix opposites. you can see certain contrasts, things that do not go together. for example, the beginning of the show showcases workwear and uniforms because that’s what i was obsessed with, and then, when wondering what the opposite was, i decided it was tailoring. so i mixed them together, to make a tailored jacket, and hybrid jacket mixing workwear and streetwear, which are washed, and in a light, unlined cotton. it's like a kind of collage actually which flicks from one thing to another. the other part of the show is based on active wear. i also wondered what the opposite of this was and thought it was similar to traditional fabrics, the prince of wales, pin stripes, that i stuck on a sort of technical texture to make jackets, parkas and which i also mixed with mesh inserts that are glued to these technical textures. so there is a kind of collage made from things that do not go together, but at the end i think this collection is perhaps a little more linear, there is a softness to it, and a sense of poetry.i wanted the boys to actually look real, with clothes that are easy to wear and easy to understand, easy for daily living because life is already complicated enough.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)