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Burberry- Women's & Men's collection - February 2017 in London (with interviews)

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Creative director: christopher bailey ambiance : makers house, craftsman’s house right in the heart of the soho district in london, a live concert by anna calvi and sculptures of henry moore, placed between the seats and which can also be seen the day after for visitors.a mixed collection available straight away. burberry, being one of the first houses last year to adopt the “see now buy now concept”, is not doing more than two shows per year, in september and february. silhouette : white at the heart of the collection, from the first outfit with the trench coat, alone, round sleeves and an open collar, white shirts worn as dresses. lace and embroidered macramé on the shirts and the red or blue striped sailor shirt.the grey rounded sweatshirt, having openings, twists, adorned with a cord or a monster print. the waist is very high for the men’s trousers, the grey coat is also like a large knit jumper or once again the beauty of the long black trench coat. to note : the finale : 78 silhouettes come out again, each one with a different cape, unique piece, couture, made in feathers, pearls, knit, or in lurex …sublime, sculptural and poetic at the same time. interviewsanna wintour : i think it’s a time when designers on a worldwide basis are exploring their creativity on the highest level and i’m sure that christopher will not disappoint.anya taylor-joy : i thought it was so beautiful especially the chain link effect i thought it was really theatrical and i fell in love with it. i’m a movie girl, so to me its makes it more cinematic, i get really taken away with the experience, with the music so having something like the set which adds to it makes it more evocative and real.suki waterhouse :it was like nothing i had ever seen before, we had victorian lace things coming out like this, we had an avant-garde silver head dress and it was a massive variation of textures and all sorts. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)