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Lanvin - Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Paris ( with interviews )

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Designer : lucas ossendrijver location : palais de tokyosilhouette : a work around proportions, volumes, and the cuts. the designer concentrates on the basic pieces which he embellishes. an ample scope for the trousers with wide lapels, and parkas with technical details. to note : the high and adjusted shoulders of the suit jackets, long plaid shirt worn with a short knit sweaterfocus on : the trainers which are put on like socks. interviews:lucas ossendrijver :this season i started with zero, and i also showed some scarves at the beginning of the show with the word “nothing” and for me that meant there wasn’t a collaboration, there wasn’t art, there weren’t embellishments, no prints, not embroidery, not even vintage because i really wanted to start from nothing. i started with pieces that everyone knows, that all men know, and they are easy to understand, the checked shirt, chinos, the parka, it’s the things that everyone wears, and after i gave myself a little mission to enhance these pieces to make them more extraordinary than just reality. we started to work on new and round constructions and forms also with round constructions, and we have constructions which are highlighted with black strips to show the support, it’s really an exploration of construction and techniques to bring back pieces very special unique. corentin fila-actor :it’s both chic and a bit rock and roll, its lanvin, its very classy, and there is something like a soul, something a bit rebellious that i like a lot. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)