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Top 2016 : The memorable declarations made by designers and actors about fashion

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Olivier rousteing, bouchra jarrar, maria grazia chiuri, tomas maïer and pierre bergé…in 2016 they expressed their passion, their experience, luxury and fashion... interviews : olivier rousteingthis year i invited people into my private garden to discover a less demanding, less harsh side of me, over these last few years i’ve tried to make a change in fashion, especially after having gone through many obstacles, preconceptions and prejudice, i realized that i wanted to abandon battles in quotation marks and i wanted to just be myself and to invite people to discover my secret garden, if they want to be part of it, that’s great, if they don’t want to then they can leave. bouchra jarrari made a big decision in my life to rejoin the house of lanvin and to take the reins as the female artistic director. it’s true that, each time i made a decision it has been carried by a vision which i’ve developed in my daily life and in my work. today it’s a true vocabulary that i’m carrying to the house of lanvin and a true 360 degree view. what you have seen here shows you the way and the aixs to which i will go with happiness, a lot of work, but with happiness. maria grazia chiurimr. dior believed fashion was evolution and revolution, and also because sometimes we believe that when we are children we grow up and nothing changes, i think that we change all our lives, i believe that women and men change, and time changes so it’s important to speak about that, you can’t forget about your heritage and what you believe but at the same time you have to understand it’s the time of your life. tomas maïer-directeurfor me luxury is always something that is private its means something to you, it’s not for other people it’s not for display, so i think it’s the sensation of a material on your body, it’s the lightness of the coat you have on the shoulder, the lightness of your bag, the pleasure when you put your hand into it and its lined in soft suede, its all of that, its very personal, private, it’s not for anyone else. pierre bergéi have a good impressions, i knew anthony vaccarello after having given him a prize as the president of andam and i am very happy that today it’s him who is the head of yves saint laurent. if you want to stay faithful to the style and spirit of yves saint laurent, you must stay in continuity, if you want to separate from it, you can call it saint laurent but it won’t be saint laurent anymore.music free of right : bandit & nikit