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Unseen rendez-vous backstage at the Victoria's Secret Show

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The annual victoria’s secret show, the number one lingerie line in the united states, is taking place tonight in the grand palais in paris. a show gathering the most sublime and influential top models of the moment. let’s start with the unreleased backstage images. interviews with lily alridge, cindy bruna, tom pecheuxinterviews:lily aldridge :it’s very exciting backstage at the show there’s been a lot of anticipation so it’s exciting that todays the day. there a lot of work that goes into the show, they will start planning next year’s show tomorrow so there’s a lot of work a lot that goes into the show and it’s just always so amazing.cindy bruna:vey proud and excited, a bit nervous, because of course it’s the most watched show in the world, so a lots of pressure but it’s ok it’s my fourth show, i am comfortable, very proud to be here and then we will kill it. i think there are a lot of friendships but of course we are girls and girls can be bit catty sometimes, however there is a lot of love and friendship, and we meet every year, we have all been chosen, we are all here today, everyone is together so it’s all good and positive. tom pecheux :the girls are goddesses, but everyone thinks that it’s natural, no, they spend hours in the gym, and they have quite strict and precise regimes and we are here to make them even more beautiful. victoria’s secret give some girls wings, i decided to give them to everyone, to every girl, so it’s why this year there are little wings, that we made with eyeliner on the side of the eye, so that’s how all the girls have their pair of wings. (music free : bandit & nikit)