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Lacoste’s “Holiday Collector” collection by Jean-Paul Goude

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For its new collection “holiday collector” lacoste called on jean-paul goude. a meeting of course around the crocodile done by the artist-photographer in a crazy and imaginary way, and even on the logo design of the collectors pieces such as the polo tops, bomber jackets, bags and clutches. a lively, colorful and moving crocodile, putting the freedom and creativity of the french house and its artistic director felipe oliveira baptista first. interviews with jean-paul goude (artist - photographer) and felipe oliveira baptista (artistic director at lacoste). with a movie by gilles machac.interviews : jean paul goude above all it’s, felipe, lacoste and me. i chose the crocodile because i am into the image, my domain is images, like the michelin man and the laughing cow, the crocodile has always been with me throughout my childhood, later i even made the ‘kodakettes’ in the spirit of these very french, very us adverts, and there is something very charming in that. felipe oliveira baptista the origin of lacoste is also the polo top, when rené cut the sleeve of his white shirt, it was a movement of freedom and this idea of modernity has always been central, as well as the clothes should do something for the person who wears them, and so i think it’s always interesting to keep it ahead.(music free : bandit & nikit)