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Burberry : collection fall-winter 2016 in London

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Creative director: christopher baileylocation: burberry invested the makers house, an area in the middle of soho in london, where famous craftsmanship and a large number of artists are celebrated and craftesmen are supported by the new craftsmen. the area will be open to the public for one week.ambiance: a timeless location, an orchestra, a book "orlando" by virginia woolf is offered to each guest. the magic is in operation from the beginning. a first as well for burberry which puts on women and men shows at the same time with a collection entirely available right away after the show. elsewhere the top models take their place in the room, just after the show, posing with the public, in their ‘stage costumes’, giving the opputunity of being able to admire and also touch the pieces put up for sale. focus on : a step back in time with these embroidered military jackets, these blouses can be put on easily, these daring transparent, dresses, these silky pyjama sets with bucolic prints, all like bathrobe coats. the jumper is cropped and plays with the sleeves, a navy cape is adorned with pompons.the details are to see and to review in this collection if precious and delicate. to note: the trench coat with leopard sleeves that stand out by lineisy monterointerview with christopher bailey we just felt that we needed to look at the way we articulated and presented the collection, just in a different way, just so it made sense. so we combined the men’s and the women’s together and we changed our calendar and our timelines so today immediately after the show you can actually try on and buy the collection.interview with anna wintour:because of the internet and the world of instagram, everything had changed radically and we weren’t keeping up, so, christopher’s idea of having both men and women and clothes available to buy right after the show is totally brilliant. what i love about christopher is that he’s always so fearless about taking chances and trying things differently and i hope it will be a huge success.interview with lily jamestotally blown away i mean it was really dramatic and epic, the music, and there was so much drama in the clothes; i’m really blown away, it’s my first big fashion show, its burberry and it’s incredible.interview with felicity jones:it’s so imaginative and christopher put so much soul into his work and it’s so quintessentially british but with a twist, an eccentric, punk twist which i absolutely adore.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)