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Autumn Winter 2016/17 Trend: Oversized gets even larger!

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The first thing marked from the fashion shows was a desire to impose new silhouettes notably through a play with volumes. everything seems to take a new dimension, trousers get looser, tops and jackets lengthen as if to hide yourself or rather to explore a new way of wearing the clothes. at first sight it’s a matter of wrapping yourself up, protecting yourself. (interview)the shawl and the scarf cover you; the xxl cape and poncho become the lead pieces and are carefully chosen in colours and great textures. and to continue with the same idea the jumper is worn in a long, voluminous version and you can now match it even with a dress or a smarter outfit. another way that the oversized is reflected is in its street style and is accomplished through overlapping. a textbook example lies with public school.(interview)the xxl format is perfectly reflected in the trousers. now very loose and gaining fluidity. in denim, in silk or cotton, in black or white, with stripes or flowers, everything is allowed even the bottom of trousers end up resembling a skirt. (interview)finally it’s a big hit with, what we shall call, from now on, “the oversized chic”. (interview)a particular focus on the trouser suit, every designer plays on lengths and shapes. the same goes for the new coats, with falling shoulders and enlarged sleeves, with extra-large volumes but note they’re always extremely worked and finding this new femininity still remains the goal.interviews from angela missoni, dao-yi chow & jason wuangela missoni:the covers, the scarfs and she always likes the idea of wearing layers, to wrap and warm yourself up even in the big plaid rugs.dao-yi chow:i mean for us experimenting with the proportions between the different layers and creating volume is something that we enjoy doing; our shape is always pretty loose and pretty straight so to get a bigger silhouette is something interesting for us. jason wu:different ways of playing with a woman’s body and her shape and playing with volumes is actually quite new for me at boss it is has been quite straight in its shapes and i thought it would be really nice to explore something that was inspired by the 50’s, that was like that extreme curve. music free of rights: bandit & nikit