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Haute Jewelry : nature, an eternal source of inspiration.

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In haute jewelry, nature always has its say and you could also add that it continues to inspire more than ever. even the place vendôme has been transformed into a wheat field for the occasion of the presentations, thanks to the artist gad weil who has worked in collaboration with chanel. the house with the double c’s is not the only one to have made the wheat cob the star of the season. (interview)the wheat cob is represented through the cycle of life, from its birth, in greenness, to the golden sun kissed tones, up until the sparkling diamond sheen it takes on just before the harvest. the collection counts 62 pieces; from cuff to clock, or even this ‘’harvest festival’’ necklace, which comprises of a yellow diamond in the center of a 25 carat gold rectangle, surrounded by more than 1000 different diamonds. the pastoral jaunt continues at chaumet, who received us in their salons which were transformed into an enchanted forest. the diadem, which came from the archives, caught our eyes in the shelter of an oak tree, whilst the new collection divided itself into four different themes, ranging from lily to laurel and including wheat in a totally natural way, this is interpreting the naturalist spirt of the house, all with movement and brilliance, and at the same time with a twinkle of something similar to art deco, with this brushed gold presented in mat and their different laces of diamonds. as for boucheron, for his collection entitled «26 vendôme », once more presented lush vegetation through the wheat cob, it’s also human nature that triumphs through the direction imagined and choreographed by olivier saillard, who was accompanied by four models. it would also be difficult not to recall the couture bolero in yellow gold set in a citrine of 80 carats. all the magic is there, to wear an exceptional piece whilst managing to preserve your natural air...interview with benjamin comar: wheat for mademoiselle chanel was really very important because i think it’s a memory of her rural childhood, but it’s also a symbol of prosperity and renewal and it was part of her life, she was surrounded by wheat and i think that it was a bit like a lucky charm. it is all about wheat and forms like that, the cob of rapeseed wheat, so we have resized the stones a lot in order to have exactly the shape of the wheat that we wanted. music free of right / bandit & nikit 2016music royalty free / bandit & nikit - 2016