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Rafael Nadal and Tommy Hilfiger : winning match !

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Ambassador for underwear and perfume for tommy hilfiger, rafael nadal henceforth embodies the image of the suit “th flex” for the famous american brand. obviously at ease with his role as a fashion ambassador, and the day before roland garros, the tennis player takes time out to play tennis-soccer with the famous psg player gregory van der wiel, whilst accepting to answer our questions on 100 % fashion.interview :rafael nadal :with tommy from the beginning we had a great feeling between each other, he was always very nice with me with all my team, and he arrived with that proposal last year to become ambassador for this campaign, for tailoring and underwear, and for me it was something that had been very special and a real honour to be part of tommy hilfiger family. i enjoyed doing the photo shoot , i now know a bit more about the fashion world and to have an unbelievable brand supporting tommy hilfiger, everything is easy, you know you find the right clothes for every scenario, for every moment of the day or for every event and that was a big help from tommy.especially for sportsmen like us, we get used to wearing very comfortable clothes, so it’s difficult to find a jacket like this, so i’m so happy with that, the th flex, you can even practice sport with it.the most important thing is that you have to feel 100% comfortable in the clothes and they don’t have to bother you. you are sweating a lot, so you need to find the real materials and that is the good thing about nike, that they are working so hard on all of these, they try to bring the best for the athletes and i think that they make a great job. i decided to be back, in probably the most important place in my career, like it is roland garros so with a high motivation to start the tournament and try to be ready for it. all the concentration, all the focus with my game, not in the style!music free of rights : bandit & nikit