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Costume National fashion show - MENSWEAR Collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 Milan

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A bright and shiny collection for costume national with, as always, the music at the heart of its inspiration and notably that of david bowie!allure: rock star and sartorial moodcolour: black lightened by turquoise, neon green, flashy yellow and dark red.please note: details of the zip and 3d embroidery on the biker jackets and tailored suits.materials: soft velvet, crêpe de chine, jacquard lamésilhouette: slim and oversized at the same time.interview :ennio capasa : anyways, it’s very personal. i know david quite well and we have had a lot of collaborations throughout our careers and for me it was always a search of inspiration. he was the real artist, there is a few in our world now like him.music is one of the inspirations. for me this collection is contamination; contamination with a new wave that is very important for me. at the beginning of the 80s and end of the 70s, there were a lot of interesting aesthetic and cultural movements. that reference is important because i think that message was very modern, still very very modern today, so from that point i start to tell the future in my fashion. for me, contamination means to mix the typical costume national reference, which could be combat pants with a tailored jacket, uniform codes with tailored pants, the british style - a very modern approach, i let it rock and roll, tokyo techno... these kinds of things generate the future idea and vision.i think it’s very important to have a comfort, to not suffer too much. everything gets so fast, everything is under pressure like all the collections and the answer is creativity and comfort.music of the show