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Party Outfits : Lace is the Party Queen!

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Lace is out to party and will have the most stunning effect. in a more romantic spirit we wear it in white, long, warmed up by a fur hat or for a more quirky look worn with a stetson. the white softens the silhouette in winter but doesn’t make it any less sensual. split, embellished with frills, all in lightness and transparency or covered up by a men's jacket to break the mold.for more intensity the black lace is essential, a must have. asymmetrical, long, short, revealing just enough, again, fringed, mixing the fabrics, playing with matt and shiny tones and adorned with many embellishments.the transparent lace, in total lightness, reveals the skin even during the winter season. under the allure of lingerie, or a slip dress, for increased femininity and sensuality. a top with delicate straps, bordered in lace is worn with straight trousers, the softness of silk combines with the lace to wear day and night. a lingerie spirit flaunts itself with femininity.the color brings back a touch of modernity and a burst of energy for tapered cuts, trousers in fine guipure lace and lace in patchwork for a more folk-y party outfit.lace also works so glamorously. the gowns mixing embroidery, sequins and lace are just as desirable and you’ll dazzle everyone at the end of year celebrations looking like a star.interviews from clare waight keller & alessandro dell'acqua:alessandro dell'acqua:she’s lingerie but cast pure, there is a virginal situation happening but also a very lingerie situation. a lot of lace in one dress, the feathers, and a lot of material but the look is very very clean and virginal. clare waight keller:looking at gentlemen’s clothes and looking at women’s clothes of that era, they have a lot of lace boarders on them. then there was this idea of looking at lingerie that always is bordered with lace and taking that into daywear. so on the suedes, on the wool dresses, on crepe de chines, so you get the spirit of it really being quite real for everyday wear as well. music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015