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Party outfits : The 'oh' so chic velvet

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Velvet, the fabric so soft to touch, we see it graciously appear this winter, with its undeniable asset, elegance, seemingly flawless for evening wear.smooth and silky velvet, we choose it in black. it outshines in unadorned dresses, in its purest look. we play with volumes; choosing a flared shape, whilst opting for thin straps to counterbalance this richness of texture, aligning perfectly with this heroin idea, both dark and romantic.(itw)and when the preciousness and luxuriousness prevail, velvet is adorned with lace, veils, embroidery and textures. suddenly, velvet becomes more modern and even different colours can be chosen. a perfect example is at christopher kane. and if the dress isn’t enough, why not try it on a long skirt, showing off your figure whilst lengthening the silhouette. the trousers also work, as does the jacket or even the suit to reinforce this chic idea.(itw)a delicate fabric increasingly refined, even for men. so for parties, pair up… everyone will have a soft spot for your velvety style. interviews from: clare waight keller & ennio capasa:clare waight keller:the velvets even had that intensity but then you saw these little floral patches coming through, so we always felt the lightness, the transparency and the movement.ennio capasa:you have velvet, you have satin, you have creative black, not something flat or boring in a way. it’s important to make people feel the difference in the textures. music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015