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Chloé- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with interview)

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When the chloé girls arrived at the show their cool and romantic look was noticed straight away. it is this image that clare waight keller shapes and renews every season. for summer 2016, she adds a touch sportswear through sweatshirts, polo shirts, tracksuit bottoms. all made in a luxurious and stylish way. the denim has frayed edges or on the contrary has zips on the bottom. the lace is seen on a multitude of very short night dresses which are, as always, so attractive. while other light dresses are shown with an array of colours of the rainbow all of which the chloé girls will wear again... please note: all the accessories.interview from: geoffroy de la bourdonnaye:i think that the spirit of the chloé girl is younger than ever and this is really shown through clare’s optimistic, chic, fashionable and very fluid collection that has a lot of movement. it feels like the chloé woman, or as we call her the chloé girl is very assured and has a lot of confidence. i think that it was this spirit that gave birth to the house in 1952 and which is now present and more relevant than ever, with everything that the world sends us like messages of hope. and so optimism is really an important value. clare is english as you know. she is always in the crossroads, if you like, of various trends. chloé is not just parisian, she feels good in paris but as she’s also very big in new york, london and in other places in the wold like shanghai. in 52 we left haute couture and went into luxury ready-to-wear, and it’s this luxury ready-to-wear that chloé represents because there is this relaxed outlook that of course is inspired by the ‘know how’ of couturier, but with a certain attitude which is typical of the chloé girl that clare knows how to highlight.music of the show