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Brooks Borthers- Presentation PAP Spring-Summer 2016 in New York

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The famous american brand brooks brothers recognized for its luxurious classicism appealed to zac posen, the creative director, for its feminine lines and accessories. for this premiere, an intimate presentation was organized in the flagship store of the house on madison avenue. the designer, famous for her amazing dresses and star friends but also known to be the dynamic jury of the program project runway , was able to provide for the summer 2016 a fresh and exotic look for this new collection with floral prints seventies spirit , not to mention hats and accessories . the new woman brooks brothers will certainly be a hit both in the streets of new york during this upcoming weekend and in the hamptons...itw zac posenfor me this was an amazing and inspiring opportunity because it was very different to what i have presented and put out under my own label. this was an opportunity to reinterpret the classics, make clothing that was just pretty that had a utilitarian use to it, things that you can just wear over and over again that always give you that sense of femininity and confidence to it and ease. i wanted the right balance where it’s not too much, so it doesn’t look like i’m just riffing my clothing here. all the taste and the heritage was here already i just had to reinterpret, to fix it to re-cut it to bring my expertise of the kind of way i make clothing here and to the day wear.