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The opening of the Jeanne Lanvin exhibition at the Palais Galliera with Alber Elbaz

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The first large scale retrospective about jeanne lanvin was unveiled at the palais galliera alongside paris fashion week the day after the lanvin presentation by alber elbaz and in his presence. an exhibition which allows the public to appreciate the work of this iconic woman of fashion, who knew how to revolutionise the fashion of her era, by modernising it and using the elegance of her cuts, draping and embroidery. a guided visit with alber elbaz who was personally involved in the preparations of this exhibition which reunites one hundred dresses which were provided from the heritage of the lanvin house and from the museum. interview: alber elbaz: i’ve never worked with a museum, and i was a bit worried about of my lack of experience because i didn’t know if i had the authority to do it, and the only thing that i asked for was to be a little bit less intellectual, a bit less informative, fewer details of the years or being chronological, i just wanted to try and escape from this world of information and these exhibitions which tell us to be quiet and to whisper, and just to show all the beautiful dresses that jeanne lanvin made, the work, the details and i think that today i sometimes have a sensation that the world of computers and technology has taken a little bit of the glamour out of the world, do you know what we’re showing today, we’re also going to tomorrow that even if we might not have this “high-tech feeling” we still live in a human industry with women, couturiers, threads, and dresses and fabrics, and people – and that’s our strength, it’s not the machines, that’s what we’re going to show tomorrow. palais galliera, 10 avenue pierre ier de serbie 75116 paris from the 8th of march to the 23rd of august 2015music from the show