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Renaissance of the Azzaro house: from the founder Loris Azzaro to the duo A.Maillard & A. Castejon

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A spotlight on the azzaro label. at the end of the sixties, loris azzaro founds his brand around chic dresses loved by actresses. with the passing of the founder in 2003, the house was taken over by the experienced hands of vanessa seward for eight years. the designer played with the famous codes of the house, draping, embroidery and the famous circles which she didn’t stop re-modernising.with the departure of vanessa in 2011, the label finds itself and comes back to the front of the scene in 2013 with the duo arnaud maillard and alvaro castejon who re-establish the brand with a fashion show during the week of couture in 2015. interviews: loris azarro: i am very influenced by american cinema, from the thirties, forties and fifties, where the women were dressed like queens and like stars, and i think that it’s that which enormously influenced my fashion. vanessa seward: i also put some of vanessa into the azzaro recipe and that was well received and that was quite magical, the house started to come alive, and here the ateliers was a little house but everybody was really very excited because of who had arrived.arnaud maillard: we wanted lots of light, and the fact of living between paris and madrid, we wanted to bring this energy, we started with the idea of the desert, the idea of dunes, the idea of lightness, of air, not to think too much, but to take advantage of each moment that we did with passion, and to work with new materials like silicone, it appeared to be very easy, but it takes hours, and hours, and hours since it is all hand made with a pipette to put this caviar of silicone on the flowers, like flowers from the desert. the dress fits the women’s figure perfectly that was the objective for us, even if there are several layers of chiffon, one over the other, the chiffon dresses where you see this graduation with transparency which needed one hundred and fifty hours of couture, fifteen days of development and that was the aim of this play, this lightness, this handwork and it was done with the ateliers in paris with the same people who knew mr azarro, who worked with him and who i really think were incredibly excited. music free of rights : bandit & nikit