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Hackett-Menswear Show Autumn Winter 2015/16 in Londres including an interview

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The sheep is at the heart of the inspiration for the latest masculine collection by the hackett house. it’s in london that his house specialised in the masculine world, presented a winter collection putting at the forefront an ancestral savoir-faire, claiming to be made from the best materials and that are 100% english. flannel, wool, shearling, and checks make up the principal elements of this wardrobe that has a casual feeling and is ultra chic. from a slimline three piece suit, to outerwear, the craftsmanship and the precision of the cut continues throughout the seasons to reinforce the identity of this elegant label that is so british! interview: jeremy hackett: i decided to call the collection, “sheep, shape and london fashion” because it reminded me of “ship shape and bristol fashion”, which really means that everything is good and everything is working, and so hopefully that will be the same this evening. the inspiration behind the collection really is a capsule collection, it’s just 12 pieces, and really it probably goes back to when i worked in saville row back in the 1970s, and i worked opposite tommy nutter, who was a designer who i saw frequently, and he always looked incredibly well turned out, and he had this way of putting clothes together that i thought was quite unusual and very inspirational, he would mix checks, different sized checks all together but they complemented each other, that probably was an inspiration for me, for this collection. one of my favourite ones is fox brothers down in somerset, who probably make the best flannel in the world, and they have been making cloth for us, for at least 25 years and i feel that as a british brand it’s very important that we support british mills, which i do my utmost to do. roughly 200 years ago, britain was the biggest exporter of wool and woolen cloth across the world and my vision is that we’re working with fox brothers and the whole sheep industry that we can once again be a big exporter of cloth right across the globe.music from the show